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September 22, 2008

Liberal released costed platform, Con remain dodgy

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Liberal released a fully costed platform today with economic contingency fund of $12 billion over four years. Meanwhile Harper’s Conservative remain dodgy about when they would release their costed platform. Maybe they are waiting to read the Liberal platform to get some idea. NDP already said theirs will be out on October 1 in time for the debate. Instead of saying when the Conservative costed platform would be released, they stick to attacking Liberal and using their talking point that Liberal would drive Canada to deficit. Their attack dog Baird made the claim. He was able to comment right after the platform was released since he does not need to read the platform, with his talking point already in hand.

Under the Liberal platform, lots of programs are supported and maintained while remaining fiscally responsible, a trademark of past Liberal government under finance minister (and for a short time Prime Minister) Paul Martin.

The platform includes a guaranteed loan of $5,000 for students regardless of parental income. Some university student’s dilemma is they are not poor enough to qualify for student loan but not rich enough to afford university education. This guaranteed loan would encourage people to get university education, keeping Canada technologically advance and maintaining our competitiveness abroad.

The Liberal platform include much needed infrastructure fund for our cities and communities, the economic engine of our country. The $900 million medical catastrophic fund also ensure you don’t go bankrupt just because you are unfortunate enough to get sick. On military, aside from existing funding which would be maintained, the platform would also offer fund to help soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress.

There’s substantial incentive also to give the green revolution the spark while exempting gas from any new taxes. Tax on gas won’t be an issue until the next election (after 4 years). Hopefully by that time, we made enough progress and won’t be as reliant on gas anymore.

Expect Harper to continue his claim that Liberal is running the country to deficit. A hypocritical claim. You don’t run a government by announcing few dollar worth of policies. Harper’s spending on the other hand have been unfocused and aimed at enticing votes of specific ethnic or special interest groups. In his short term in office, he depleted our billions of dollars in surplus.

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  1. ..the Conservative Party is a lot like a box of chocolates, you’re never sure where the nuts are whereas the Liberal Party has no nuts…

    Vote NDP

    Stephen Harper has his head so far up George Bush’s back passage that George could get a gig as the two-headed freak at a traveling sideshow.

    Comment by blogoffanddie — September 23, 2008 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

  2. […] plan would lead to deficit”. I guess it’s convenient for him to ignore the Liberal costed platform with plan to set aside approximately $3 billion annually to avoid such deficit. Harper, on the […]

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