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September 21, 2008

Reid and Harper’s Lies, Lies and more Lies

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Harper claim Reid comment is not reflective of his party’s policies. Yeah right. I guess it’s just one of those thing he was not suppose to say out loud. If you read what Reid had said, it matches with Harper’s policies. Maybe Harper is waiting to get his majority before he let loose. They tried to restrict access to Reid site to conceal what was said. The fact that they have to conceal the site shows us they know that Canadian would not like what was said. I guess they have not heard of Google cache. No wonder Reid wants to close the hate speech law, because his beliefs demonstrate a guy full of hatred. Hate against the natives,  women and gays (surprisingly, he is reportedly openly gay). He claim women and gays want to rely on government and are happy to be helpless. He also talked about hatred for our “socialist” system and that Canadian have become effeminate as a result of this. He is also pro vigilante by voicing support for citizens to carry concealed weapons. Controversial comment and Harper’s bloggers are synonymous. So it won’t be surprising if more of them surfaces. Welcome to the real world hateful Tories.

Other Harper lies. New ad saying Dion would take away $1,200 child care benefit. Dion already said that’s not true and called Harper a liar. Rightly so. Liberal and NDP have more plans in place for day care than Harper. Harper even cut funding of previous Liberal government in this area. Now he has the nerve to lie about this and accuse the Liberal with lie infested ad? That’s just so Bush!

To try to deflect criticism about their blog, Conservative hit back by accusing Liberal’s Finch of comparing Harper to Hitler. Perhaps Finch should have compared Harper and his actions to a dictator. Comparing anyone to Hitler would generally be interpreted as saying he would gas a whole ethnic race. Comparing Harper to a dictator is more accurate. He runs a one man show and detained journalist, preventing them from getting off his campaign bus. This is just so they won’t see the protesters close to where they were parked. Why is it Bush and Harper talk about freedom most when they practice it the least?

Another lie is that he is good for Quebec. As Charest could attest, Harper’s action are not compatible with what Quebec wants. These includes crouching onto provincial jurisdiction and cuts to programs that are dear to Quebecers.

Of course Harper’s lying is not news and a thesis can be written about Harper’s lies. But with deep pocket to spend on ad, he can afford to put out one lie after another. I blogged a while back about how come people like Bush succeed in misleading the public. So be wary of pervasive marketing especially one from a habitual liar.

Link to my previous blog about brainwashing through marketing: Harper’s Speech, a prelude to election lies.
And here’s a link to an opinion piece from Telegraph Journal on how Harper is putting that into practice.
(Don’t miss the comment section also. A poster called Seamus O’Malley posted a list of Harper’s lies)

This quote that I used on my previous post about Harper’s speech and lies is worth repeating:

“A lie, repeated often enough, will end up as truth”. – Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda)



  1. Folks, you need to know this!

    I have just encountered and learned some very astonishing news and I need to be sure people are aware of the situation!

    Canadian and American people need to know it doesn’t matter who we vote for in upcoming elections as if we vote Conservative or Republican we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate our country!

    If we vote Liberal or Democrat we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate our country!

    Should we vote NDP we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate Canada!

    We are not living in a democracy in Canada, USA or the United Kingdom as I once believed and have had the wool pulled over my eyes for years – but I knew something was wrong as it seemed this last while that no matter who we vote for we get the same results!

    Which ever party is ever in power looks after Corporations and the the average hard working citizen and retiree is getting the shaft and – should Bilderberg Group have their long term goal all citizens of the world will become slaves to their bidding and desires as a super dictating corporation!

    These past few weeks have been very shockingly eye opening to me and while I realize I cannot hack at this dilemma like a mad dog, it is very upsetting to realize we are not free citizens and we are living inside a political tyranny of dictatorship and on top of that they have it set up so that each citizen is helping the Bilderberg Group oppress each and every one of us!

    You ask why hasn’t the press and media alerted the public to this altercation of our freedoms and choices?

    The answer to that question is simple – the “Bilderberg Group,” has monopolized and now owns the media and the press via business buyouts!

    Don’t believe it?
    Learn for yourself! Google the Bilderberg Group, read what you find!
    Read the various articles and about the European Union!

    Look up and check out Journalist Big Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin or even David Icke ( who sometimes goes into strange areas of stated findings, but still has some very interesting facts and knowledge! )!

    Go on search engines as well and check info on the Illuminati on the internet!

    This is very discouraging news, however it needs to be dealt with and at least by alerting people and making them aware of our impending loss of even more freedoms and rights, this is a small effort that I can do to at this point to begin to get ourselves out of the whole we’ve all dug ourselves into!

    Because of our natural human habits of herd instinct, complacency, indifference, not minding the store closely enough and our pre-programmed belief system of trust in our news media and journalists a dark thief is busily robbing and extending plans to default us of even more rights and quality of life style!
    I’ll let you read and investigate for yourselves and decide what you can or cannot do to oppose this type of dictatorship!

    David Bartok

    Comment by M. Bartok — September 22, 2008 @ 11:18 am | Reply

  2. What a coincidence David. Today’s news talked about Hillary and Obama meeting in Bilderberg group.

    I don’t know about your claim of link to Illuminati. But our world is mess up enough with the likes of Bush who have a virtual dynasty in the U.S. They are already talking about Bush brother running next. They also have a large stake in oil. So is it a coincidence that oil of price has skyrocketed during his presidency?

    Comment by Casey — September 22, 2008 @ 5:57 pm | Reply



    Comment by thenonconformer — December 5, 2008 @ 8:12 am | Reply

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