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September 10, 2008

Harper’s pre-emptive attack on Afghanistan issue

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The increasing frequency of Canadian soldiers dying in Afghanistan threatened to make it an election issue. It is probably for this reason that Harper, who have normally refused to give a date of withdrawal, announced today that we would be withdrawing by 2011. Harper moves would effectively neutralize possible debate about Afghanistan during the election. But he leaves a possible loophole by saying “the mission as we known it” will end and mentioned Kandahar specifically. Canadian Press report that redeployment is possible.

A Parliamentary resolution calls for Canadian troops to be pulled out of the volatile Kandahar region by December 2011, but leaves open the possibility of redeployment elsewhere in the country, or for a renewal of the mission through another resolution. – Canadian Press

So withdrawal from Kandahar is already a sure thing as that is explicitly mentioned in the legislation he negotiated with the Liberal. So Harper’s announcement today that we would withdraw might very well be from Kandahar only and redeployment to other part of Afghanistan is no longer the “mission as we known it”. i.e. it’s now a different mission. Hence, it’s fair game.

Personally, Afghanistan is not a major issue for me in this election. The lack of well thought out plan does concern me but with the extension until 2011 already in place, there’s really nothing much that can be done at this time. But if you want the troops out by 2011 and are incline to believe Harper, a word of caution. He boldly declare he won’t tax income trust but turn around and did it. The worse is not that he did a reversal but did it secretly and hastily resulting in massive losses to investors most of whom are seniors thinking they are investing on a very safe and secure investment. So I won’t be surprise if when the time comes, he would reverse his position claiming situations have change or that what he said was “the mission as we known it” will end. And he has redefined the mission for extended deployment post 2011.


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  1. Sept. 11,2008: Why can’t our troops be brought home in early 2009. France has washed its hands off Afghanistan and no country is interested. We just leave and who will complain…United Nations. Tell rhem to find other young men to dedicate their lives to so foolish a mission.

    Comment by Roslyn Ritz — September 11, 2008 @ 1:30 pm | Reply

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