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September 9, 2008

Harper, your hypocrisy is showing

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Harper, at the start of campaigning acted like he will behave for a change and predicted that opposition would put out negative ad against him. This is again another episode of Harper’s adoption of Bush doctrine and swift boat tactic. Accuse his opponent of what he himself is doing. Harper’s hypocrisy is in full display today with the appearance of an ad in the distortion infested website of Conservative. An ad shows a bird pooping into Dion as part of their “Dion is not a leader” propaganda. After expressions of outraged about this ad have spread, and when it does not appear to be abating, Harper was forced to apologize and pretended to not know about it. Does he think Canadian was born yesterday? With his well known tight control over everything his party does, he expect us to believe that he did not know about something being put up on his main website? Harper’s “Dion is not a leader” claim is getting a bit tired and he is hoping a lie repeated often enough would be perceived as being true. Dion have more leadership experience in his resume than Harper. He have successfully lead United Nation climate change conference working overnight to get world leader to compromise and come into agreement. I find it funny when some people actually buy into this Harper’s Bush-like tactic and start doubting Dion even though they did not bother to learn more about him. Yeah he looks skinny with broken English and wear an eyeglass so he must be really weak like Harper claim him to be.  Such thinking is compatible with prejudicial and school yard bullies mentality.

Next time, whatever Harper claim and predict that opposition would be doing, chances are he is already thinking of doing that thing himself. This, along with his other actions that I’ve listed yesterday, is just another one of his act that shows what a bold face liar and hypocrite he is.


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