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September 8, 2008

Deficit and the rush to election

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The election have now been officially called. Harper of course started campaigning before it officially began, trying to appear warm and fuzzy. After I’ve written a tongue-in-cheek top ten list of why Harper wants an election now, there’s one serious reason which probably contributed to Harper’s frantic rush to call an election. This reason was articulated by a guest media commentator on CBC’s Sunday news.  She said “we’re probably in a deficit now” that’s why Harper is in such a rush before the figure comes out.

Visiting the Conservatives web site, we are greeted with a “Strong National Leadership” with Harper’s picture. What is it with the ilks of Bush and Harper thinking they have monopoly over strong leadership just because they are so stubborn, insensitive, inflexible and indifferent to social, economic and environmental plight? And borrowing from Bush swift boating tactic. Harper screw up the budget putting it near, if not already in, deficit and he have the gall to paint himself as the best person to lead during hard economic times!? Bushian doctrine involves boldly claiming you are the champion of a cause when in fact you are doing the opposite. Just as Bush refer to his forest bill as “saving the forest” when in fact he was giving way to more logging. He called a bill “no child left behind” when in fact it does leave under performers and in some cases even top performers behind. Maybe what he has in mind was no child left behind in America as all will be added to the database of military recruiter. Anyway, back to Stephen Harper and his copying of this doctrine, he instituted unfocused spending targeted for election, putting Canada perilously close to deficit back when economist were warning of impending economic hardship. Now using the Bushian doctrine, he can claim he is the economic czar and the world’s foremost environmentalist. He constantly harassed and forced non-partisan public service officials, who does not kowtow to his wishes, out of office. I guess that would make him champion of independent public service, and his government a responsible and transparent one. After spending billions to buy votes, he can now claim he is fiscally responsible.

Another Bushian doctrine involves mocking and ridiculing the opposition. This was performed brilliantly by Conservatives guest in talk shows. Overacting each and every time the opposition make a comment, feigning shock and outrage as if something terrible have just been said. They sure learn from their idols in Fox news.

This Bushian doctrine indeed does wonder for the incompetent and bold face liar.



  1. […] predicted that opposition would put out negative ad against him. This is again another episode of Harper’s adoption of Bush doctrine and swift boat tactic. Accuse his opponent of what he himself is doing. Harper’s hypocrisy is […]

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  2. I’LL never forget that conservatives gave a 100,000$ bottle of wine to Condoleza Rice, and they are refusing to disclose that info to all the canadians.

    And they think they’ll get my vote ?

    Even rhinos are better to manage the country

    Comment by Bill — September 10, 2008 @ 12:26 pm | Reply

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