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May 14, 2008

World’s disaster and human role

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We’re being inundated with news after news of disasters around the world, from Burma’s cyclone, U.S. deathly tornadoes, Chile’s Mt. Pinatubo -like volcano eruptions to China’s massive 7.9 earthquake. Natural disaster seems to be increasing in frequency and in the scale of casualty and damage it is inflicting. A lot of it could be attributed to human action – i.e. global warming and human build structure. I was watching BBC News when one of their guest were talking about how large deaths in earthquakes are usually a result of human build structure collapsing. Toronto Star reported today that one school in China collapsed trapping almost all the students. However, the buildings beside it only suffered minor damage. It begs the question – was the collapsed building a result of constructor and builders corruption? Granted it was a huge earthquake measuring 7.9 but a stronger building might not collapse right away giving time for students to escape.

Toronto Star – Trapped Students had no time to escape:

The school collapsed so rapidly – one floor “pancaking” atop another – that there was practically no time to escape.
Engineers said the school’s walls and support columns gave way almost instantly.

“These buildings just weren’t made for that powerful of a quake. Some don’t even meet the basic specifications,” said Dai Jun, a structural engineer and concrete specialist in Chengdu who was surveying damage in the area.

As I write these, there’s threat of another cyclone hitting Burma and possibility of Dam bursting in quake affected area in China.

The response of government to the disaster is a story of contrast between China and Burma. China’s premiere were on his plane right after the earthquake. Within hours, he was directing operation in the ground and comforting the victims. This is something rarely seen from leaders anywhere in the world, especially right after a disaster. In contrast, Burma’s government have been totally inept and I was dumbfounded to read that Burma’s military stopped a well known actor from giving aid directly. Chinese have been streaming from their bikes, cars and foot to volunteer and help. At a time of disaster it is inconceivable that the Burmese government would prevent a citizen from helping others. They insist that something as trivial as giving food to the victims should go through the government. As I stated in my last blog, this is no time for stupid politics.

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