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May 10, 2008

Stop Politicizing the Myanmar / Burma Disaster

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The conduct of politicians right after the devastating Myanmar disaster is disgusting. Bush and Harper were quick to point finger at the Military Junta. U.S. then say if Myanmar government does not handle this properly it would lead to their downfall. They then went on to accuse the Myanmar’s government of being slow to act. This is coming from a government who failed to act for a long time after Hurricane’s Katrina disaster in New Orleans. They commanded that Myanmar government let them in. While the U.S. government take advantage of this massive disaster to undermine the government of that country, and western media constantly chide Myanmar for failing to act (starting immediately right after the disaster), Asians seem to have different opinion. AFP reported that:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insists aid to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar has nothing to do with politics but critics and some Asian diplomats wonder whether Washington is mixing the two.

Taiwanese religious leader claim exactly opposite to what U.S. and their media have been reporting:

A Taiwanese Buddhist leader said Friday that Myanmar was promptly dispatching food and medical materials to cyclone survivors even though the reclusive country has been slow to let foreign aid workers in.

Master Hsin Tao made the comments as he returned from a trip to Yangon to assess the destruction from Cyclone Nargis.

He led a team of 10 Taiwanese aid workers to Myanmar this week and dispatched 6 tons of food to cyclone survivors.

Myanmar’s government on the other hand, coming under attack, reacted with stupendously stupid decision of blocking foreign experts and showing lack of sound judgment. Both sides should just let the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) take care of matters behind the scene and all politicians should just shut up! This is not the time for politics and trying to overthrow a government. There are real people suffering on the ground.

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  1. It’s a shame that Myanmar doesn’t have oil fields. If they did we would already be there regardless of what the Military government says. It seems we are only quick to move in on countries that have something we want. Why in the world is everyone just sitting on their asses.

    Comment by Steve Kalbach — May 10, 2008 @ 1:30 am | Reply

  2. […] as giving food to the victims should go through the government. As I stated in my last blog, this is no time for stupid politics. << back to Main Blog page […]

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  3. The poor and suffering people of Burma have the inalienable right to aid of every sort to help them in the aftermath of this or any other disaster!!! They also have the inalienable right to freedom from this murderous and heinous regime that enslaves them so horribly.In my opinion the UN has every right to arrest and prosecute the inhuman leaders and everyone else involved in the illtreatment of the poor and helpless citizens of Burma.Personally I believe if they don’t arrest and prosecute these discusting criminals they are not doing their job PERIOD!!!! Any misinformed braindead unfeeling hypocrite who thinks otherwise should go over there and see how long they could survive under such horrendous conditions of slavery and mistreatment.Those hypocrites would be crying like babies within a week to go back home.So if you’re not willing to pull your heads out of your asses and help,I suggest just keep them up there and shut up!And if you ever happen to find yourselves enslaved in some terrible way, DON’T COME CRYING FOR HELP YOU HYPOCRITES!!!!! I pray every night that the UN WILL go in and take those murderers and their accomplices away by force and lock them away till Judgement Day, so GOD will give them what they REALLY deserve!!! So PLEASE all you world leaders do what is right, and do your job right at least once, and charge these inhuman monsters with crimes against humanity and lock those workers of the devil up for a change and put them where they belong.I’ve met gang members with more humanity than those lowlife scumbag so called “generals” in Burma!!! So this message to the people in charge and members at the UNITED NATIONS, PLEASE take those terrible evil monsters away from ruling Burma,lock them upand throw the book at them PLEASE in GOD’S NAME. But don’t get me wrong people,I certainly don’t agree with many UN policies or decisions.But I do agree it’s about time they started doing their job, and this would one good hellava place to start.So show a bit of guts you UN people and this time do what is right and get rid of the disease that infects the freedom of the Burmese people and SET THE CAPTIVES FREE!!!! Do what real human beings would do.And don’t let a few lousy no good opponents stop you,because the whole world(the part that counts)is behind you all the way on this one.Wake up and save the people,PLEASE!!!!

    Comment by Peter Kelly — May 27, 2008 @ 10:18 am | Reply

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