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April 26, 2008

Mr. Harper, Election Canada is no CNSC

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Harper is applying his old modus operandi to Election Canada. Election Canada have been investigating Harper’s in and out scheme. Harper’s “best defense is offense” motto and playing the victim was used against CNSC and barely affected their poll numbers. However, it might be different this time around. By attacking the integrity of Election Canada, Harper is putting this independent, non-political, institution’s reputation in jeopardy. That threatens to seriously compromise not only Election Canada but also our democratic institution as a whole. By accusing Election Canada of bias, he risked plunging the pillar of our democracy (i.e. voting) into serious doubt. What’s next? When he lose the election, he will accuse Election Canada of fraud? That would create serious question for our electoral process and degrade it into the same status as a tumultuous third world country, where elections fraud are prevalent.

Looks like this concern is shared by Canadian voter as the latest poll shows Tories has dip in poll (due to Conservatives dispute with Election Canada).

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