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March 10, 2008

Conservatives continue to dodge question about Cadman

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It is really hard to give a straight answer when you are lying. There are signs that the Harper’s Conservative have difficulty giving straight answer when it comes to the Cadman bribery scandal.

Harper’s communication director Sandra Buckler says she categorically deny any offer was made to Cadman. But when Globe and Mail asked Buckler to confirm that “no representative of the Conservative Party at any time offered Chuck Cadman a financial benefit in exchange for his vote [understanding] ‘financial benefit’ to mean anything but help with a possible election campaign.” She refused twice.

The same thing happens when Ryan Sparrow, Conservatives spokesman was asked to deny financial offer were made.

Ryan Sparrow, a Conservative Party spokesman, declined in six e-mail exchanges with The Globe and Mail to state that no Conservative official had ever offered a financial inducement of any kind to Mr. Cadman.
closequote.jpgThe Globe and Mail

The key in both statements were “at any time” and “had ever offered” which would cut through their scripted reply that there was only one offer made. Their refusal to make statement to that effect means this issue will linger on.

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