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March 10, 2008

Baird gets an F; China doing more than Canada

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Baird got a failing mark on environment. His reply was they want to do a better job on the environment. What about by starting to act. His other argument was that they have only been in power for two years so change takes time. But if you don’t have plan for the future, change won’t happen on its own. Unless it’s the decaying kind of change. It’s been two years of talk and rhetoric with little action. He even joined Bush team in trying to obstruct negotiation in Bali and boycotted environment ministers meeting at the crucial hour of negotiation. It’s really pathetic if people are praising China for being more dedicated, and having plan in place that is better than Canada. Not to say all things are well in China but…

No gasoline-powered car assembled in North America would meet China’s current fuel-efficiency standard. Even vehicles produced under California’s proposed, and much praised, efficiency law – being fought tooth and nail by the U.S. and Canadian governments and the auto industry – wouldn’t come close to the Chinese mileage limits….. And any hope of getting the troubled Kyoto Protocol negotiations back on track comes in large part from China.

To be sure, China faces massive environmental problems: For evidence, look no further than photos of Beijing’s impressive Olympic venues, their dazzling architecture obscured by thick smog……It’s opening new coal-fired generating stations at the rate of about one a week. Still, it is doing far more than Canada, the U.S. or just about any other place to clean up its act. It has begun to impose regulations and targets for car emissions, renewable fuels, carbon storage, forest renewal, energy efficiency and industrial pollution. It’s investing heavily in new technologies, including “clean” coal and alternative power sources. In many ways it’s putting us to shame.

Remember Harper’s talking point at Bali? They claimed China was not doing anything so we should not do anything also? At that time, CTV rips the person they were interviewing for suggesting China is doing more. An act more in character with tabloid style partisanship of U.S. Fox News.

Here’s a captioned picture of Baird from ledaro’s blog. Funny but sadly true.

Links used in this post: – Gov’t gets failing grade… – Ottawa wants to do ‘better job’… Dec.15, 2007 – Baird a no-show – China’s green leap forward
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  1. I love that the “big mouth” frame in the animation is the unedited pose. I wonder how often Baird has to have the barn swallows removed from there.

    Comment by 300baud — March 10, 2008 @ 8:08 am | Reply

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