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March 7, 2008

Liberal MP: Layton Aiding and Abetting Harper

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Just catch part of Liberal MP McGuinty speech in House of Commons today about NDP’s confidence motion on environment. He criticized NDP for making the confidence motion a partisan issue. Like I mentioned in the comment section of my blog yesterday – “Time for non-confidence motion against Harper“, if Layton is sincere, he should work with other opposition instead of trying to undermine them. I agree with what McGuinty said. There’s so much question that needs to be answered from the Cadman tape (where Harper clearly said with his own voice that he was aware of some financial offer to Cadman) to Baird’s interference in Ottawa’s Municipal election. But Layton is not interested and don’t even want House committee to look into the scandal. Harper was just too glad for Layton’s help and even praised him yesterday. For Layton, his greater enemy is Liberal not Harper. For he is still hoping some Liberal would switch to his side. What makes him think that if he failed to get Liberal’s vote before, when he helped Harper came to power, that he would succeed this time?

Again, I still believe a united opposition’s non-confidence motion should be tabled sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, Layton and Harper’s mindset is always on how to undermine the Liberal rather than what would be good for the country.

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  1. Its actually to undermine both….why should the NDP play nice with the Liberals, history has taught us well about such tactics…

    Comment by Sean S. — March 7, 2008 @ 3:59 pm | Reply

  2. Who are you and where’s your rock?

    The Harper government is fundamentally remaking our country and it has been the Liberal Opposition that has aided and abetted that remake.

    Now go crawl back under your rock.

    Comment by Berlynn — March 7, 2008 @ 4:39 pm | Reply

  3. One just has to listen daily to the MSM to absolutely know who is propping up the Cons, no matter how much Dion protests this. Let’s see, budget 2007, budget 2008, crime bill, and of course, Afghanistan. But than, one just has to look at history, to know that liberal Martin already took the neo-liberal knife to social programs, women’s programs, IE, and provinical transfers, and gave huge tax cuts to those who already got there’s and to his corp buddies.
    Did you happen to read Rick Salutin’s opinion piece today in the Globe and Mail – it was the biggest outing of liberal double speak with the facts of NAFTA. You know, where libs got elected in 1993 on the ‘promise’ that they would rejig NAFTA. Of course, like other progressive promises, they had no interest in even keeping it, and signed it quickly and quietly, because it will be good for you. Well if you were one of millionair Martin’s pals.

    Comment by janfromthebruce — March 7, 2008 @ 6:54 pm | Reply

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