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March 6, 2008

Time for non-confidence motion on Harper

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I think it’s time to introduce a non-confidence motion against Harper. The latest NAFTA leak is enough reason to go to election for. Harper lied by saying Ian Brodie was not involve and we find out a day after that he was. His minister have been attacking Obama and Clinton even before the leak. Conservative’s action have seriously undermine our diplomat’s international reputation. Some bills Harper is trying to slip through have not passed the Senate yet. The Liberal could wait forever until they are leading in the polls and it still won’t mean much. Election campaign is the chance to get the message across because that’s the only time people would pay attention to politics. The longer they let Harper get away with stuff, the more they will be answerable to Canadian if something worse happens. If they can’t get the message across in an election despite Harper’s continuous scandal, then they would have failed their duty.

Waiting for poll to show that Liberal is leading then calling an election would only appeared opportunistic. Opposition should work together and introduce the motion and not try to undermine each other. (Take note Jack Layton, after all it was your handiwork and eagerness to defeat Martin, thinking disgruntled Liberal would have voted for you, that land us in this mess Harper is creating).

Still wondering if we should go to election? See my last 2 post.

Harper lied about NAFTA leak

Harper lied about having no knowledge of financial offer to Cadman

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  1. “Opposition should work together and introduce the motion and not try to undermine each other”

    You do realize that the Liberals abstained on three confidence motions this week, and that they have already said they will abstain on an NDP confidence motion on the environment scheduled for Monday night?

    Dion has kept Harper in power since last Fall. Dion hasn’t show leadership. Period.

    Jack Layton is the only national leader taking on Harper.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 6, 2008 @ 8:40 pm | Reply

  2. I have no problem with Liberal having abstained from earlier confidence motion setup by Harper. But I wish Jack Layton, Dion and Duceppe would try to work with each other and introduce a motion together rather than trying to grab the spotlight and claim credit for themselves. I am also aware of Jack Layton’s plan to introduce confidence motion on environment. But did he consult the other opposition? I just felt like there are lots of issues they could work on. It does not have to be environment only. They could enumerate a list of things which would make for a better case to bring the government down.

    Correct me if I missed something here, but by going unilaterally, Jack Layton motion only appeared like an attempt to embarrass the Liberal rather than trying to get consensus. Some media stated that it is an act to embarrass the Liberal. If Jack believe, like I do, that Harper needs to go, then he should at least attempt to get others on board in his confidence motion to ensure success or it would just become another political stunt. If he tried and failed then by all means go it alone to make a point.

    Dion must let go of his repeated assertion that it has to be his motion of confidence. All opposition should work together. They can campaign on why they are a better choice than the others once an election is called.

    Comment by cyberwanderer — March 7, 2008 @ 12:34 am | Reply

  3. […] motion a partisan issue. Like I mentioned in the comment section of my blog yesterday – “Time for non-confidence motion against Harper“, if Layton is sincere, he should work with other opposition instead of trying to undermine […]

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