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February 22, 2008

Reputable Science Journal Blast Harper

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Reputable science journal “Nature” came out with harsh criticism for Harper. The British based prominent science journal mentioned things we already know but likely go unnoticed by majority of Canadians, who are busy with their daily hectic life. Advancement in Science usually defines standing of a nation. Unfortunately with the way things are going, and Harper’s lack of appreciation for science, Canada’s innovativeness is on a continuous decline. The AECL fiasco is just a testament to Canada’s government continued negligence for research and innovations.

The editorial blasts the government’s decision to close the office of national science adviser, a move confirmed last month by Industry Canada. “Concerns can only be enhanced by the government’s manifest disregard for science,” says the journal.

The journal notes last month’s government order for Environment Canada scientists to route all media enquiries through Ottawa for an “approved” response and the cabinet’s failure to attend a reception for Nobel Prize winning Canadian scientists last week in Ottawa.
– CBC: Influential journal blasts Tory government’s ‘disregard for science’


Who says Harper does not believe in Science?
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