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February 17, 2008

Conservative fear mongering on budget

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Just as I predicted on January 29 about “Harper’s speech, a prelude to election lies“, the propagation of lies has started. His speech clearly shows his intent to portray himself as fiscally responsible and any Liberal spending as driving the country into deficit. They have nothing else to offer so they have to create doubt and fear that any spending on social program is earth shattering disaster. And today we learn they plan to use the figure of $62.5 billion new debt in their fear mongering campaign. I am not going to repeat the points I made in my January 29 blog but it is interesting to note that finance minister Flaherty was not the one who made the accusation since he was guilty of hiding deficit when he was the finance minister in Ontario. So when Prentice said that starting next year there could be $18 billion deficit, he might very well be referring to a deficit that might be uncovered if they are defeated (just as what happen in Ontario). Also when he said:

he has been criss-crossing the country, making spending commitment after spending commitment, promising tax dollars to special interest after special interest, writing IOU after IOU…..There’s a price tag involved when you commit to new government spending each time you stand at a podium, give an interview or issue a press release. Canadians deserve to know this price tag. After all, it’s their money

He might very well be referring to Harper’s budget to date designed to entice specific voting groups rather than give general personal income tax cut like Dion proposes. The lies being propagated is probably aim to blunt a well received plan of Dion this week. The new infrastructure plans would help municipalities deal with their crumbling infrastructure and prevent bridge and overpasses collapses. It would also improve the crumbling water systems in municipalities across Canada.

Jim Prentice demand that Liberal release a fully costed platform. Which beg the question, since he does not have the Liberal costed platform, did he pull the cost out of thin air in estimating the $62.5 billion debt that Liberal budget would produce?

Far and Wide in his blog points out a flaw even in the questionable figure Prentice is using:

In the last two years, government spending has increased by 15% under the Conservatives. Let’s do some quick math with the Conservatives unsubstantiated claims. Dion would raise spending by 62.5 billion over four years, around 16.5 billion per year. If we take total government spending, which is estimated to be 240.5 billion this fiscal year, we are left with the following. Under Dion, using the Conservatives obviously biased estimates, spending would increase 6.8% per year. So let’s see, Conservatives 15% increase in two years, Dion 13.6% every two years. You don’t want to give the Conservative propaganda any validity, but pretty hilarious that you can present the naked numbers to show Dion would actually reign in spending, compared to the Conservative record.

Liberal arts and minds blog talks about motive of why Harper’s Conservative is propagating this lie:

So, aside from their expected juvenile behaviour, what is driving this? I suspect that it has to do with the fact that every policy statement that Dion has put out, from Environment, Child Poverty, Infrastructure, Kelowna, etc., has been overwhemingly positively received by stakeholders. The Con record on the other hand, not so good. They’ve ticked off cities, mayors, Premiers, Aboriginal Groups, Income Trust Investors, parents who require daycare, Environmental Groups, and the list goes on.

Danielle Takacs in her blog expressed optimism that Canadian would see through this lie:

Everyone knows the Liberals will have a fully costed platform come election time as they have for many years. Stephen Harper just wants to goad them into realeasing their playbook early. Liberals won’t fall for that trick and we know there’s no way a Liberal government would run us into a deficit so it’s a waste of time for Dion to spend much effort dealing with this spin.

So Conservatives can spin all they want for now, but once Canadians see the Liberal platform they’ll know Conservatives were lying and will see how much of a better plan the Liberals have for Canada than the Harper Conservatives.

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  1. lol I just want to correct you that, last time I checked, my name and sex was female…

    Comment by Danielle Takacs — February 27, 2008 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  2. My apology. It’s been corrected.

    Comment by cyberwanderer — February 27, 2008 @ 12:45 pm | Reply

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