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February 16, 2008

Senior Liberal’s Arrogance

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Just read CTV’s report on Tories preparation for election. It’s good for caucus to debate issues and have disagreement. But I am fed up with what according to Robert Fife was said by a senior Liberal.

One senior member of parliament said to me, either we’re going to get (Dion) to change his mind or maybe we’re going to have to push him off the ledge

Dion was elected by delegates (mostly youth voters) in the last Liberal convention. He pulled an upset over senior Liberal. For them to continue to bicker publicly and undermine their newly elected leader is disgusting. They disrespect their leader which only helps Harper’s campaign of painting Dion as not a leader. If they keep this up, they would hand the majority to Harper in the next election and Canadians have to suffer the same fate as Ontario under Harris and Flaherty.

Is it too much to ask that they set aside their personal ambition for greater good? It’s good to debate and disagree in caucus but it’s another thing to publicly declare desire to kick out your leader.

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