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February 7, 2008

Harper desperately seeking election

In an unprecedented move, Harper is going to table a motion to force Senate to rush a crime bill. It will be a confidence motion meaning if Liberal oppose the bill, forcing Senate to cut short their review and rush the bill, the government will fall and election would have to be called. From their spin on the issue, it appears the government would try to paint Liberal as obstructing the passing of the bill. Peter Van Loan states:

Canadians will no longer accept Liberal Senate backdoor delay and obstruction of real action to tackle crime,………Liberal machinery … causing an obstruction for this bill.closequote.jpg

He accused Senate of delaying the passing citing it’s been 71 days. The article points out:

He (Peter Van Loan) did not mention that several of those days were during the Christmas break, when the Senate was not sitting.

The Christmas break lasted about a month. A significant delay have also been caused by Harper proroguing the Parliament in an attempt to force an election. Liberal was in disarray at that time so they did not take the bait. It was then reintroduced as an amalgamated bill making it even harder to pass. That’s because then, even the NDP is opposing the new bill due to a provision that could possibly violate the charter.

But we can expect Harper to spin this as “Liberal being soft on crime” or “supporting criminals” just as they are Taliban sympathizers.

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