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February 5, 2008

Election looms as Harper threatened confidence motion on Afghanistan

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Harper is threatening to introduce as confidence motion the extension of combat in Afghanistan. It could come as early as next week. Globe and Mail have learned that this warning was issued by Harper during his meeting with Dion.

Here’s the article: Harper prepared to draw the line on Afghanistan

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Harper News Blackout

Yesterday’s Toronto Star’s editorial cartoon pretty much sums up Harper’s promised “transparency”.


It’s very appropriate because they are in the habit of delaying release of information under “Access to information act”. And once the information and/or documents is released, it’s full of censored and blackout text.

Even, Gomery, who headed the inquiry Harper used happily in the election (to promise a transparent and accountable government) have now come out with hard criticism of Harper.

Gomery also points to the Tory failure to revamp the Access to Information Act to make it easier for journalists and other citizens to pry documentation from the bureaucracy.

“The government was saying at the time (of the report) that transparency was very important and that they wanted to improve transparency. In practice it’s been an exact reverse.”

The Conservatives did expand the access law to cover many federal institutions that had previously been exempt. But that didn’t improve the actual mechanics of the process, in Gomery’s view.

There are still lengthy delays in releasing information, and too many sensitive files end up “on some minister’s desk or in the Privy Council Office someplace.”

“They’ve politicized it, and it’s not supposed to be politicized.”

And that’s just the tip of his criticism. Go to the article for the whole story.

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