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January 31, 2008

It’s all Greek for Harper

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There’s a new scandal brewing related to …… Harper (surprise) and his deputy press secretary Dimitri Soudas and fundraiser (then awarded position in Via Rail) Leo Housakos. In characteristically Harperist fashion, when he gets in trouble and comes under question and pressure, he throw a fit and spew hate languages. I guess for him, the best defense is offense. Some of the more prominent tantrum incidence includes: Labeling Liberal as Taliban sympathizers, Media conspiracy / media bias and CNSC conspiracy. Now today, under intense questioning regarding his senior officials interference on a case in the court, he said:

The Bloc member mentioned two people who are of Greek origin, one who was an employee here in Ottawa and another one who is a supporter of Conservative party in Montreal. The fact that there’s two Montreal gentleman of Greek origin does not mean there is a conspiracy here.

No one in the opposition said anything about the people involved being Greek. I did not even know until Harper said it. MP demand apology for Harper’s snide remark about Greeks.

Harper’s diversion aside (and his attempt to portray the controversy in question as nothing really happened), the allegation is they try to intervene in a case that is before the court. “Try to” being the keyword because they did not succeed. But if true, just because they did not succeed should not absolved them from any wrongdoing.

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