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January 29, 2008

Harper still in denial, Hillier upset

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Globe and Mail reported at 2:00 AM that Rick Hillier were pretty piss off with Harper for always using him in his political game (see update after this post). And it is amazing how they use the reason of “operational secrecy” to refuse to answer any question (relating to the detainee transfer) yesterday. It appears they decided to use that line after their “strategy session” over the weekend. This effectively shield them from having to answer to why they misled Canadian about the detainee transfer.

harperhillier.jpgThe military answered the question Harper and his party refused to answer. If it is really such a high security sensitive issue then why did the military reveal the details. According to latest Globe and Mail article (updated 4:24 PM EST), Harper still refused to answer the question today and (knowing that the military have already revealed the details) said military can disclose the details. There’s got to be a point when this government should be held accountable and accept responsibility rather than constantly shifting blame and firing people, and refusing to answer a valid question. Here’s the details revealed by the military:

The Canadian Forces are holding insurgent detainees at their Kandahar Air Force base rather than turning them over to Afghan authorities, are taking fewer prisoners and are quickly releasing some of them.

The information, provided to The Globe and Mail by sources, answers questions about Canada’s new policy for handling detainees that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other ministers repeatedly refused to provide Monday, citing the need for combat operational secrecy.

Even news in Germany already reported the halt to prisoner transfer.

Mr. Harper told the House of Commons Monday that his government will “never” answer questions about how many prisoners Canadian troops take or where they are kept. He also said the bilateral agreement governing the transfer of prisoners to Afghan authorities is still in place.

However, on Nov. 14, Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle quoted German General Egon Ramms as saying NATO was aware that transferred detainees were being abused by Afghan authorities and that Canadian troops in Kandahar had stopped handing over prisoners until their safety and human rights could be guaranteed.

So while Harper is in denial about abuses and was (and still is) keeping Canadians in the dark, Germany’s General have already told their media everything. Now that everything have been revealed here through our military, Harper still refused to admit he was wrong but instead lied about not being told by the military.

Update for January 30, 2008:

CFRA 580 is reporting that General Hillier denies he is ‘furious’ and defended Harper, saying the government is not scapegoating military. If true, Hillier is defending Harper as not blaming military when they were caught red handed doing just that. So this is despite the fact that defence officials talking to reporters were so mad and shouting over the phone after Sandra Buckler lied about military not informing them (see my previous post about Sandra Buckler for more about this).

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