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January 23, 2008

John Manley opinion is as good as other Canadian

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So the Manley report came out. Since the day Harper announced the composition of the team, I did not really expect much. Harper was obviously buying time on debate about Afghanistan that was heating up. I did not really expect him to appoint someone who he knew is against staying in Afghanistan. Prior to the report being published, press was already abuzz with expectation that Manley would recommend an extension. Common blog comment are similar to one from

By choosing Manley to head up the panel, the theory went, the PM had sprung a cunning trap on the current Liberal leader. How could the party vote against the advice of one of its own?…. the Prime Minister – have, up until now, been utterly unwilling to acknowledge the reality – borne out by poll after poll – that Canadians, as a whole, are bitterly divided on the mission. A recent survey showed that nearly half the country wants to see the troops brought home now – not in a years’ time, and certainly not sometime after 2009. More than 60% opposed any extension of the current mission.

I don’t think I have much more to add to what had already been said in the blogosphere. One interesting blog from Scott Ross revealed that Manley’s final report have plagiarized from his previous work. Anyway, just read his blog at The Scott Ross. This bring into question why bother going through several months of study if the final report will just adopt the opinion of John Manley, which have already been published before.

Unfortunately, Harper used Manley. The fact that he is Liberal works wonderfully for Harper’s tactic of always trying to divide the opposition. His supporter always try to cause strife between Dion and Ignatieff by constantly exaggerating difference in opinion between the two or deviously referring to Ignatieff as a leader the Liberal wish they had.

My Recommendation (Just an opinion from another Canadian)

I don’t hate John Manley. He strongly believe in his opinion. However, his opinion is just as good as any other Canadians and politicians. I agree with majority of Canadians that it is time for other countries in NATO to step up to the plate. We can continue to be involved in reconstruction and other aid. I also think that after defeating Taliban, we (along with our allies) should have come together and implemented an all out effort with billions of dollar investment in reconstruction just as we did for Japan and Germany after World War II. Back then, the leaders have the wisdom to realize that leaving Germany and Japan devastated and crumbling would only create instability. For it was a devastated and humiliated Germany after World War I and hard economic times that lead to rise of extremism – i.e. Hitler. In Afghanistan, U.S. abandoned it right after Taliban retreated. Bush was in a rush to go to war in Iraq. There was never any massive widespread rebuilding. No allies coming together to produce funds and help Afghanistan out of extreme poverty. Just as the case of Germany after World War I have shown, people undergoing extreme hardship are more susceptible to extremism. It’s no wonder that Taliban is undergoing resurgence in Afghanistan. The focus have been too much on combat and not much fund and effort for reconstruction. We lost a vital opportunity then, let’s hope NATO will be able to work together and come up with a better strategy.

I know Harper likes to brand people who disagree with him as terrorist. Just because people disagree with him does not make them any less Canadian.

On that note, I just added I am Canadian Theme to my Diversion-Videos page.

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