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January 21, 2008

Maxime Bernier Treasonous Act re: Dion Afghanistan / Pakistan issue

Harper’s government constant politicizing of issue is leading Canada down a very dangerous path. Dion, after his visit to Afghanistan, appeared in a Quebec press conference and said:

openquote.jpgWe are going to have to discuss that very actively if they (the Pakistanis) are not able to deal with it on their own. We could consider that option with the NATO forces in order to help Pakistan help us pacify Afghanistan. As long as we don’t solve the problem in Pakistan, I don’t see how we can solve it in Afghanistan.

Dion says to help Pakistan help us which does not mean invasion or unilateral intervention. Peter Mackay attempt to politicize and take away the focus from Dion visit to Afghanistan. He said:

Mr. Dion can’t be serious to suggest NATO “intervene,” in another country while simultaneously saying Canada should abandon its United Nations-mandated NATO mission in Afghanistan. He has to explain to Canadians why he wants an “intervention” but wants to turn his back on Afghanistan, which has asked and continues to ask for Canada’s help. It’s inane.

First of all, Dion did not says he wants to turn his back on Afghanistan. He said we should remain engage but it’s time for other NATO countries to do their part in combat mission. Second, Peter Mackay makes it sounds like Dion wants to invade Pakistan or intervene unilaterally. Reporter, mainly from National Post / CanWest/ pick up on that and also reported that “Intervention in Pakistan key to Afghan success, Dion says”. Then Harper’s supporter in blogosphere have a field day declaring “Dion wants to invade Pakistan!” or “Dion plans to invade a nuclear power”.

Dion then issue a press release about Harper’s people taking his word out of context. But despite Dion’s clarification, Maxime Bernier wrote a letter to Pakistan to add oil to the fire. Pakistan picking up from the inflammatory misquote had already attack Dion.

maximebernier.jpgWhat Maxime Bernier did is tantamount to treason. He effectively drive a wedge between a possible future PM and a foreign country. Instead of cooling down the misunderstanding, he worsen the already hostile atmosphere. He did this in spite of the fact that Dion had clarified what he said. Once again, Harper’s gang have shown that they will destroy the Liberal party at all cost even if it compromise Canada’s interest. If only Maxime Bernier could be as quick in correcting misunderstanding as he was in removing U.S. Guantanamo from Canada’s torture list. But I guess he is not that interested in standing for truth as he is in undermining the Liberal party.

It is unfortunate that the substance of what Dion said was buried by media hype and hysteria. Dion made a very valid point that Taliban are using the Pakistan border region as safe haven. He have repeatedly called for change in tactics. But listening to Harper’s team, you would think Dion is a traitor turning his back on our armed forces.

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Helena Guergis flawed excuse on Dion’s visit to Afghanistan – my earlier blog on Helena Guergis petty political act. She revealed Dion’s next stop in Afghanistan and could have tip off Taliban, who is always looking to target foreign dignitaries.

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