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January 20, 2008

Helena Guergis flawed excuse on Dion’s visit to Afghanistan

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Harper’s team has no remorse for continually embarrassing or compromising Canada’s interest in their attempt to undermine the Liberal. So while I was originally not planning on blogging about Helena Guergis, I changed my mind and want to point out inconsistency in her excuse.

Here’s a news article about what happen: Guergis accused of putting Liberals at risk

Simcoe-Grey Liberal candidate Andrea Matrosovs sums it up:

In her petty attempt to criticize the efforts of Mr. Dion and Mr. Ignatieff, she put their lives at unnecessary risk, revealing in advance that they would be leaving the base to visit the Provincial Reconstruction Team in the south where Canadians are workingclosequote.jpg

Guergis director of communications Jeffrey Kroeker excuse was she does not really know the itenary.

Matrosovs also points out that:

Ms. Guergis complains Mr. Dion didn’t go soon enough, but then insists it takes time for the department in which she works to plan these trips because of the necessary security. Her flippant comments then undermine Mr. Dion’s security. That’s shameful,”

helenaguergis.jpgSo if her department is the one who plans the security, how can she claim she does not know their itenary. She even accused Dion of going late when her department have been dragging their feet on planning Dion’s trip. This CBC Oct. 5, 2007 news reported that Peter Mackay was not happy when a Liberal MP visited Afghanistan and he called it a political stunt. So it’s okay for him and Harper to visit but not the opposition? Liberal defence critic Denis Codere expresses frustration at waiting for permission from Harper’s government.

“I’m the official critic. I’m the critic of the Official Opposition of Her Majesty. It’s important for me to do my job.” Another reason he is going, he said, is to lay the groundwork for an eventual visit by Liberal Leader StĂ©phane Dion. “We’re hoping for this fall, and after my trip, I’m going to make him a full briefing, to him and our caucus.”

Peter Mackay went on to say:

It’s irresponsible. It puts people at risk. It puts soldiers at risk.

I am sure it is not riskier than Mackay and Prime minister Harper visiting the soldier.

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She endangered the lives of the men and women chosen to represent us in Parliament and the lives of the men and women who are fighting so bravely for us.

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If Harper were to fire Guergis (never happen), I hear there is an opening at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Why just limit yourself to endangering the lives of two men, when you can endanger an entire nation.

Liberal Arts and Minds

While you may not care about Dion, (though I think few of you would wish him dead), you must care about the troops in this case. She put them at risk too in a big way. ….Their focus is partisanship. That’s it that’s all. The interest of the country? They don’t get it.

They Call Me “Mr. Sinister”

……the Canadian Armed Forces belong to the people of Canada. They are not a private militia of the Conservative Party. Dion need not apologize to the troops. They are an instrument of the Canadian people. If the people of Canada want a change in direction in foreign policy, it is up to the army to say “Yes, of course”. The only apology necessary here is from the government of Canada to the people of Canada, for acting like they are some kind of Latin American junta, instead of a democratic government.

My blog about Maxime Bernier treasonous act

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  1. Dion is nothing but a wimp. I saw Helen’s comments on CBC and she was demanding that Dion apologize to the troops because he submitted all of his personal conclusions and those of the Liberal party to the independenet afghan panel (headed by Liberal John Manley) 3 days before he left for Afghanistan. As far as I am concerned – that’s insulting to the men and women of our army fighting in afghanistan and Dion should apologize. As for Dion’s safety… please… look at the truth in some of the stories. Helen did not go out and comment until Dion was already blasting his oipinions on TV live from afghanistan.

    Comment by Mark Wakolofski — January 21, 2008 @ 12:23 am | Reply

  2. Helena commented on where Dion will be going next. It’s true that they were on TV meeting President Karzai but where they will be going next should not have been revealed.

    Here’s another news that talk about this:

    “During her comments last Saturday, Guergis revealed that Dion and his Deputy-leader Michael Ignatieff would be visiting the Canadian Provincial Reconstruction Team 12 hours before their arrival. That’s a huge no-no for combat zones, where details of visiting dignitaries’ visits are kept strictly secret.” – Barrie Examiner

    Comment by cyberwanderer — January 21, 2008 @ 1:17 am | Reply

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