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January 16, 2008

Harper fired CNSC Linda Keen

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Just got the news from The Globe and Mail that Linda Keen have been fired. She was fired late at night right before she is scheduled to appear before the Parliament committee. The committee was going to investigate the conduct of Natural Resources minister Gary Lunn lunnkeen.jpgand his possible violation and interference in the affairs of the independent body. I wonder who is going to replace her. Harper appointed hack? Hope whoever becomes the new head (of the supposedly independent non-political regulator) don’t railroad Harper’s planned privatization of AECL. This whole episode (starting from December 2007) put this arrogant minority government confrontational and divisive ways on display.

You can read the G&M article here . I’ll blog about the whole episode later.

Commission spokesman Aurele Gervais said Ms. Keen learned last night in a letter that cabinet had relieved her of her duties as president…

For more details and timeline, please see my latest post on this issue.

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  1. Keen was a rogue bureaucrat and deserved what she got. She is nothing but a political appointee with the same bad attitude as the clowns who gave her the job. There was absolutely no justifying her decision to close down Chalk River based on the lack of a triple redundant back up power supply. The plant has been in operation since the fifties with out the system and the urgency to add it was unwarranted. It will be in place by March and everything will be fine at Chalk River. The same may not be said of the thousands of patients who had diagnostics delayed as a direct result of Keen’s over zealous, ego driven actions. I hope someone sues HER, she deserves it.

    Comment by Brian — January 16, 2008 @ 11:45 pm | Reply

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