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January 12, 2008

Al-Qaeda in Gaza, Lebanon attack on Israel, Taiwan

Middle East

gaza1.jpgGoing through world news this Sunday morning, some news of concern includes news in Gaza. While we have became numb to violence in that part of the world, the news about an ‘Al-Qaeda’ attack in Gaza seems to illustrate that just when you think things can’t get worse in that part of the world, it does. When there’s breakdown of order and abject poverty, people becomes vulnerable to extremism perhaps out of desperation. ‘Al-Qaeda’ is now getting a foothold in Gaza and Bush seems to be procrastinating in trying to get peace talks going now that his term is almost over. Unfortunately, aside from his prepared statement, his visit to middle east does not seem to be producing any results.

lebrocket.jpgJust as Bush was due to arrive in Israel early this week, a rocket attack was launched from Lebanon to Northern Israel. Some group might be trying to provoke a Lebanon/Hizbollah-Israel war. U.N. chief Ban Ki-Moon condemn the attack on Israel, and roadside bombing against UN peacekeepers in Lebanon.

Taiwan and China’s Olympic

taiwanopp.jpgFurther east, in Taiwan, the opposition win big in their legislative election there. This seems to be a rejection of President’s Chen Sui-Bian policies such as confrontational approach against China. Presidential election follows several months after, with President Chen Shui-Bian not eligible for re-election.

taiwanpres.jpgPresident Chen Sui-Bian was re-elected in 2004 by about 0.2% votes amid allegations of irregularities and accusations of fake assassination attempt against the president on election eve, which might have propelled people to vote in his favor. Common debate in chinese internet forum after the incident shows distrust for the president. Under his term, Taiwan’s economy declined.

During his first term of office, Taiwan’s unemployment rate increased from 2.9 percent to 5 percent, and per capita gross domestic product not only did not grow but actually shrank by more than 3 percent.
closequote.jpgGeorge Koo, Pacific News Service

Facing possibilities of having to face corruption charges once he leaves office, some Chinese media pundit speculated that he might try to foment troubles so that he could declare martial law and cancel the election. Troubles could include declaring independence before China’s Olympic, betting that China won’t attack Taiwan and risk failure of Olympic. China have warned of serious consequences should he provoke them by declaring independence.

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